There is something wonderful about a clean writing and reading interface. I am always a big fan of #platforms that build themselves on clean interfaces. It helps. Does it mean there is no place for flashy sites? Absolutely not.

I have come to a realization recently. Blogs have made web boring. Think about it. Every blog looks the same. All themes are more or less the same. A slight layout change here. A margin or padding there. Varied columns. But all look the same to me. You know that you are reading a blog.

Imagine if every page was custom. Well, let me help you. Check this site by Aegir. No, don’t just look at the homepage. Look at every post. Each post has different design. What brilliance! I am absolutely impressed and saddened at the same time. And jealous too. I wish I could create something like this. I can’t.

Well, why can’t I? I mean, why can’t I just create html pages? Isn’t that the first line of code I wrote?