I wasn’t aware that there’s a way to create drafts with Write.as. With no option in the editor to save a post in-works as draft, I always thought it wasn’t possible. I should read a bit first before deciding on what I know. In fairness, though, the workflow is different, slightly reverse from all other #platforms. You basically publish a post and expect it to be a draft as it was done anonymously.

Anyway, every time I access Write.as, everything looks too fragmented to me. I land on a page which is a blank one with a blinking cursor. Brilliant! But what next? There’s nothing else if you don’t know where to go. I can see my blog posts, edit them. Do you want the community? There is a different product. Pictures you say? That’s another different product.

For example, I still wonder how do I add an image here? Can I? Or is the image’s workflow separate? Possibly, it is part of the Rich editor available as a Pro feature?

All said, this is a nice editor.