I have released an upgrade (v1.1) to Paper theme for Micro.blog today that allows modifying the default behaviour of the homepage. It includes a setting now to display full post content on the homepage of the blog. Here’s how the homepage with this setting on will look like. You can also check the same on my test blog.

Paper Theme 1.1.

This is one of the most asked for features since the first release. I could never get the look right without ruining the spirit of the theme. Or so I like to believe because the change isn’t too significant in itself. So, irrespective of which option you decide to go with, the homepage should feel as part of the original simple and clean theme.

If you are using the Paper theme, look out for the upgrade option in Plugins. It should be enabled soon. As always, if you find any bug or want any improvements, kindly let me know either as GitHub issue or connect with me on Micro.blog / via email.