Our species' collective common sense is on a downward trend; my movie theatre experience yesterday proved this again. With mobile phones in their hands, they kill the vibe with the ringtones and flashes. A few pick up the calls in the middle of the movie. Some peek at their phones out of habit just to check the notifications. So what’s fricking wrong with these folks? Can you not stay away from the dopamine-inducing notifications even for a couple of hours?

There is also a crazy trend on the rise recently. People are creating reels of theatre response — a highly anticipated scene begins, the entry of an important character or a dialogue or a fight sequence, and people have their smartphones out recording the screen. What the fuck, man!

I am ready to pay extra for watching a movie at a theatre with a “no smartphone allowed” policy. I know it’s near impossible, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

A sidetone, the movie I watched was Vikram Vedha, and I absolutely loved it. I don’t care that it’s a remake. It is remade well, in the right spirit, and backed by solid performances.