Whenever I pick up a call on my watch and talk to my wife, I am happy.

Whenever I scan or tap my phone to pay for stuff, I am happy.

Whenever I click a button on my smartphone to capture the best of the moment in front of me, I am happy.

Whenever I beam my voice to my daughter in another room as if I am next to her, I am happy.

Whenever my lights and plugs switch off on schedule or on my command, I am happy.

Whenever I push a photo or video from my phone onto a larger screen for my family to enjoy, I am happy.

Whenever I watch my dad live as he excitingly shows me a new shirt or a new faucet, I am happy.

I am happy when my phone guides me around a place, known or unknown. Alerts me of road closures or diversions. Reads the text in front of me. Or helps me with my quick queries or requests.

The list goes on.

And I am only talking about the capabilities of the devices on me. I am surrounded by technology that brings a smile to my face every day throughout the day.

I can be frustrated by the things these gadgets cannot do well (or can’t do at all). Or I can be angry with them when they alter my habits against my will.

But just as the technology is at fault for not acting responsibly, so am I for not using it sensibly. When I wish the technology to alter itself to not burden me, I share the responsibility to find ways to not be controlled by it.

Do I have enough levers? That’s debatable. What isn’t, though, is my love for technology.