I have been down with a fever and cold for the past few days. What's worse is that my daughter has been sick too. Falling ill together doesn't often happen for us. But it is a tiring experience for all at our home when it does.

It is times like these when I am reminded that my wife is emotionally the strongest in our family. She has been caring for us as we rest in our separate rooms. She took leave from the office, knowing it wouldn't be easy. I hate to say it, but neither my daughter nor I are easy to handle when we get sick. We get fussy and irritated. We become kids. Well, my daughter already is. It is I who becomes a kid.

But I admire how effortlessly my wife handles both of us. She is a superwoman, I tell you.

Plus, the timing isn't good, either. My daughter has been looking forward to the Christmas celebrations at home and school this year. It is one of the few festivals that she loves celebrating. Bringing a Christmas tree and the unique items to decorate it. We tag along and get her some gifts. Make her wish Merry Christmas to all. She loves it. She was excited this time too. She had started singing her version of "Christmas is my favourite time of the year".

Well, it is Christmas eve, and neither of us has recovered from the cold yet.

My daughter was already bummed she missed the Friday Christmas celebration at her school. The sadness in her eyes was worse than what the illness gave her. The only way to reduce that was to make it special somehow. What can be more special than some quality family time?

So for the past two days, all of us have been together in our living room in front of the TV. Surrounded by things we would want.

Watching movie after movie. Harry Potter. Bolt. Home Alone. Penguins of Madagascar. Some by choice. Some, just because that was playing on cable.

Of course, taking scheduled rests. Playing games together. Eating all the meals together. Having a blast. Together.

Every cloud had a silver lining, mumbled my wife today. Amidst all the hustle-bustle of our routine life – our offices at home and our daughter's school – our family hadn't spent quality time. Though every form of sickness is unwelcome (and I hope my daughter and I start feeling our best soon), the sense of togetherness and family was welcome this time.