Matt Gemmell reminded me recently that it is ok to write less. However, this passage especially caught my attention.

Blogs were originally a kind of diary, and they were mostly repositories of short pieces, not huge articles. It’s an absolute fallacy that longer works are better or more valuable; indeed, shorter pieces are more likely to be read and digested, which intrinsically increases their value.

As I had complained recently, I have been growing through a slump in my writing. I have started taking my blogging too seriously. “Not every thought deserves to be published”, I convinced myself. Or “this needs to be elaborated; the readers won’t understand”.

This might sound rude, but since when have I started caring about my readers? I should read some of my earlier posts. They were terrible. They made no sense then and don’t make any sense even now. Even to me. So why care?

Publish anything, everything. Short, long - doesn’t matter. Anywhere that’s convenient at the moment. Don’t take Grammarly too seriously. Get back to writing more. I can work on making it better later.