I love my Chromebook a lot more than my Mac. The whole experience feels straightforward, no-nonsense and light. Starting/restarting is a breeze. With smart-lock, logging in and out is polished. There are no long update cycles; instead, it is always up-to-date. I have hardly seen the loading bar while using it. It is commendable, given that the underlying hardware is not as highly configured as my i9 MacBook Pro at work.

Sure, I do a lot more with the office Mac. But then, why would I ever need such a powerful machine for the stuff I do on my laptop? It’s mostly the browser I use, so Chromebook is perfect.

Plus, this has a terminal, one thing I miss on a Windows laptop.

I wish I could convince more people to give ChromeOS a try. Especially, my parents could benefit a lot from this simple device. But, they are worried whenever I tell them to stop using their Windows laptop. They hated Linux (of course, what was I even thinking). They can’t make any sense of macOS. iPad is too bare for them, and the onscreen keyboard is a pain. Chromebook is the best fit for them. If only they would listen to me.