I have always carried a clean-shaven face, yet I often want to sport a beard. Sure, I frequently keep an unkempt stubble. 2-3 days of facial hair is my look when I am not meeting someone. But if we are going out, I shave. Or if we are expecting guests at home, I shave. And if I see a tired me looking back at me in the mirror, I shave. Keeping a beard hence has not been easy for me.

I inherited this clean look from my father, who he shaves daily without a miss. That is part of his morning routine. A cup of tea can wait. I have rarely seen him with stubble, let alone a full-grown beard.

Yet, as I write this, I carry a week’s stubble on my face today. I am pretty certain that I want to grow a beard this time. There is a fad amongst men in India to keep a well-trimmed beard. And that last part makes me nervous. It is not easy to keep a beard. It takes effort to maintain it. The beard needs attention. It needs grooming. I know because I already feel itchy after a week without shaving.

I know there are oils and beard washes to help with the discomfort.

But I ask myself, why put myself through all this trouble? Why not just go with what I know and am more comfortable with? Am I ready to pay the price of experimentation on the face? Well, time to find out tomorrow.