Somedays are frustratingly productive, leaving me drained to the core. I am that today. What started as a routine day gradually turned into a busy nightmare as it went along. The only positive is that it was productive. I did everything that I had planned to complete in the morning, and then I did some more. I also checked off a couple of unplanned but priority tasks that got added to my list.

I am not fond of such a level of productivity. Not that I don’t want to work. I love working, especially when that work involves any amount of coding. The more complicated the problem, the better I feel.

But I have found over 17 years of working that such productivity levels aren’t sustainable. They leave me exhausted, needing that much more of a downtime and cool-off period. I would prefer consistently efficient days to the occasional burst of high productivity.

That said, there is some innate pleasure in such productive days. As I wind off the day well spent today, there is a smile of satisfaction on my face. Could I push some work to tomorrow? Sure. But it becomes difficult to pull away once I am in the flow.

One would think that years of experience at work make you immune to such bouts of focus. But there is no negating the drive for productivity. Especially for someone who loves what he does. Someone like me.