We had guests at our home today early in the morning. Usually, I would get a lot flustered when there’s an unplanned visit. Not today, as these are the guests that I generally look forward to meeting in real #life. And the meeting we had. It started with lots of chitchats about nothing in particular. Chitchats are usually that, aren’t they?

We followed it up with a brunch, all delicacies of our choice and liking. Home delivered. A movie screening with popcorn at home. Winding the fun down with fresh mango ice cream. Everything was sprinkled throughout with lots of chatter and laughter.

I love such pleasant mornings when you meet folks you enjoy spending time with.

On the other hand, this messed up my routine thoroughly. I didn’t do anything that I had planned to do. A couple of projects have been pushed to tomorrow. Some planned study time with my daughter got delayed. I hardly spent time alone with myself as there was none left. I didn’t exercise; I screwed up my diet. I hardly read anything – the streak, alas, is broken.

Fortunately, a streak that isn’t broken yet is spending the time before bed staring at the cursor blinking in this space. That I enjoy doing, and I am glad I didn’t miss it even on a day like today of messed up routine.