I watched Kuttey yesterday – what a terrible letdown. Given the list of artists as part of the cast and crew, I had such high expectations. But the skill of being a competent storyteller cannot be faked. It tried too hard to be cool, “new age”. Every frame screamed that it was inspired by the style of Guy Ritchie or Tarantino. Or even Bharadwaj’s own Kaminey.

What the Jr. forgot is it isn’t the style that made these directors what they are.

Everybody was trying too hard – even the seasoned actors looked uncomfortable playing the part. A short run-time of 90 minutes felt too long, even though the screenplay was fast-paced. I kept moving ahead scene after scene because I knew exactly how it would play out.

Barring the last 15 minutes, hardly any part catches your attention. Sigh! Such sheer waste of talent.