It is the phase when I reevaluate my use of all the services I am subscribed to. Of course, my email client is one of the key ones on the list. I was an early Gmail account holder and have been an ardent user since then. But when Gmail got old, I never loved email. It got boring and tiring.

Recently, I realised that I love sending and receiving emails. But I wouldn’t say I like Gmail.

iCloud was handling my custom email domain. But as I am not all in on the Apple ecosystem – with my Android and Linux – the experience with iCloud Mail is terrible. In short, I had to find a new solution for my personal and custom email domains.

I started with a trial of Fastmail, and I was unimpressed. No doubt, the email service is brilliant. It’s no-nonsense and has everything that an email power user would want. Nothing more and just the way an email service should work. I, however, am not a power user. Nor do I love the experience that the typical email services provide. I needed something different to rekindle my love for email.

That’s when I was reminded of HEY. The last time I tried it, I loved the service but didn’t need it. Here’s what I wrote while ending the trial.

All in all, HEY is a brilliant service with a fresh perspective towards the way we use our emails. It can potentially enliven the email offerings from all the players, just the away Gmail did back in 2004. But I don’t face the problem it is trying to solve; I have no use for all its groundbreaking features.

Why do I think I need it now? Well, to be frank. I still don’t. But I am falling in love with email again, and HEY’s unique take on how email should be done should help me stay en route. So, here’s to a new start for emails.