I generally find it easy to write about meta topics around my writing process. Or platforms. Among the people I read online, the behaviour is common. At the same time, I’m not too fond of these meta posts. All I am doing is convincing myself why the choice of a platform is the right one. No one cares about them.

Will I ever run out of places where I can write at? I won’t. Can I ever have enough of them? Never. Should I write about all of them? Absolutely not.

Holding oneself back from writing about a particular topic is antithetical to the spirit of blogging, where no topic is beyond the bounds.

But writing about every experiment lends me a false sense of achievement. I write because I want to think better. I write because I want to improve my writing skill. Writing mindlessly about my experiments doesn’t help me with either of those. Hence I don’t write meta posts any longer.

Or so I think. Ironically, this itself is a meta post.