Threads reminded me of why I eventually fell off the Twitter timeline. It’s the same people talking about the same stuff they always do. The early adopters, the famous bloggers, and podcasters. The social media celebrities. They have a bubble of their own. They talk amongst themselves as you listen. You are not part of any community – you are watching a show.

Then there are the posts that are written mainly to go viral. The memes. The questions. The jokes. And the jokers. The social media diarrhoea.

These threads (pun unintended) garner the most engagement, which makes the algorithmic timeline bubble them to the top. Now, these are all I see. And I don’t enjoy either of them.

The diversity of both the posts and the people is also why I love the timeline on It’s never the same people or the same type of posts that crowd the place. And if they do, I know how to correct that.