Early mornings always play a significant role in my routine. I love the vibe all around during the dawn. The calmness. The silence. The hustle and bustle of morning service boys with their newspapers and milk packets.

The surroundings wake up around me, and I love to be the spectator.

Nature looks to be shrugging off the dormancy from the night before. Birds get busy early. Chirping. Waking each other up. Or already playing? Who can say? Trees sway lethargically with a smile, like a sane grandmother in a busy home. The breeze caresses me like a loving mother – I can almost fall asleep again.

Never a night owl, I couldn’t stay awake beyond a reasonable time, even during my hostel days. Those were the days when staying up all night was normal. A sign of a happy student even. While my friends used to blast off into the night with their choice of rock music, I lay on my bed in deep slumber. Frequently, my friends and I had breakfast together – the only difference was that they were depleted on their way to bed, and I was chirpy post my deep sleep.

In the recent past, my morning routine has been hectic, not allowing me to live the calmness I so adore. Today I paused for a moment and stood looking out at the wakening surrounding.

A moment of life around. Of nothingness within. Of memories galore.