I had recently quipped here that we might see an increasing number of posts suggesting to other people what and how to blog. Here’s what I said then.

With Twitter and Facebook dropping in popularity, I expect blogging to attract a few new users as an outlet for their voice. And I also expect the pundits to pollute the internet again with their suggestions on the best ways to blog.

Then, I went on to suggest what people should do while blogging. The irony, much?

My intention wasn’t to do so, though. Instead, I wanted people to not worry about any of that stuff, especially while they are getting started blogging. Over the years, I have written about anything and everything. Hot sarcastic takes. Fiction. Technology. Personal essays. I wrote them all.

Many people suggest that one should stick to a specific area if they want more people to read what they write. It’s better if that area is niche. Well, nothing kills a writer’s motivation faster than the voice at the back of the mind continuously questioning if they should write what they are writing in the first place. If anyone will read them. That writer will bear that voice a few times but then realize it’s too much trouble. And soon stop writing.

So, long back, I decided I wouldn’t judge what I write or where I publish it. Nothing matters as long as I want it to be published. That includes who reads it. Or if anyone does at all.

I have accepted now that the only thing I control is the words. Everything else is external, outside of my control. So why worry about that?