My daughter was writing in her journal today and casually asked me why she does not see me writing in my journal anymore. She was referring to a physical journal that she would see me writing in frequently a while back. I didn’t have an easy answer for her, to be frank.

I said first that I write in my digital journal now – after all, I do have a Day One subscription, and it prompts me every day to make an entry. Do I always make one? Well, rarely. I haven’t updated my journal with anything meaningful for quite some time now. Journaling isn’t part of my routine anymore. So, I have slowly stopped doing it.

I was regular when I had made it my morning habit. The routine changed and so died my habit.

Leaving me in that deep thought, my daughter went on to scribble happily in her journal. Once she was done, she said, “I love how I feel when I capture everything on my mind in these pages.”

Even I want that now.