The recent discussions around social media platforms tire me. BlueSky. Threads. Mastodon. And whatnot. They are all the same. Trying to cash in on the lost interest in Twitter. To be similar to Twitter, yet distinct at the same time. I see people try these different services and get impressed. Their interest fades away after pounding the timelines with posts. This has happened to me with all the above services.

The network effect that Twitter managed 15 years back won’t be recreated. Twitter was a lone service. Fifteen years ago was a different time.

When I joined Twitter, I cared zilch about how I should use it. Or how I shouldn’t. That was a different me then. Now, I think a lot about how and how much I should use social networks.

I hold myself back out of fear. Fear of uncertainty. Fear of complexity. Fear of promises.

The fear won’t let me get hooked to any social networks anymore. Syndicating posts from my blog is not going to do that either.