After deliberating over whether to offer membership for my online creations, I decided to set up a single One a Month tier. The decision to set up a membership of any form was triggered by the recent realisation that led me to pull down Scribe- the realisation that my side projects cost me dear. Every month, the prices add up, and I eventually run out of motivation to keep going.

However, the step to keep it simple and affordable for people considering support is inspired by a recent post by Manu where he proposed changing the defaults on pricing the support.

The 1$ part means you can set it up and forget about it because it’s a low enough amount that won’t make too much of a difference for the majority of people who are considering supporting online creators.

For a period now, I have had a Buy Me a Coffee page so that others can support my hobby projects. Many have, and I could not be more grateful. I have now rolled out a simple membership to cover the projects that need hosting and, hence, carry a monthly bill. The likes of Scribe. And Micro.threads.

With one membership, there are no complicated tiers. And no special rewards, either. Frankly, I could limit the number of members to ten as that’s all I need to support my ongoing side projects. But I am keeping things simple for now.

However, in today’s tumultuous world, one full of uncertainty, to expect anything in return for my hobby projects would be unfair on my part. No obligation, hence, on anyone whatsoever.