Back from a week-long vacation, the first thought I had when I logged into my system after a couple of days rest was I must have missed so much. I wasn’t wrong, of course. My feed reader and timelines were full of unread posts. I did what any sane mind should do - I marked all items as read and started fresh.

It’s very unlike me. I tend to skim through the list and keep things to catch up on later and discard everything else. I simply discarded everything this time. I have learned from the past. I rarely catch up. The list stares back at me the psychological pressure rising with each day until I eventually mark everything as read.

I pre-empted that this time.

One entry missing from the list to handle this time was my email inbox. Surprisingly, HEY has that covered brilliantly. Nothing that’s not of interest reaches my inbox anymore. After a period of indecision on the utility of HEY, I am hooked to the service now that it has solved my email problem.