I will no longer syndicate my posts to any social network timelines, that includes Micro.blog. This is the last post that gets syndicated. I will follow all my friends only via RSS and interact through emails or native comments. If you are keen to know what I am up to, you can follow the RSS feed.

For some time now, I haven’t been active on any social timelines. I simply can’t keep up. It doesn’t serve the purpose if I don’t contribute to the network and interact. At times, days go by before I respond to the mentions I receive and worse, I hardly ever reply to others' posts. Being passively around the timeline only adds to the subconscious burden.

I also want to minimise distractions with my presence on the internet to lend myself more chances to build the right routines. Anything and everything that causes even a hint of friction has to be out. Given my general lack of patience for the hustle of social networks, they had to be out the door first.

I want to simplify everything. The tools I use. What I read. The way I write. Simple, that’s my word for the year.