At the start of every year, I read posts from people where they set goals for themselves. I love the theme, but setting goals or resolutions doesn’t work well. I am not a stickler for goal tracking.

Recently, I read a couple of posts where people put out a list of their hopes for the year. Latest from mei. This inspired me to pen one for myself. I thought I might struggle to create such a list when I started writing this. It was surprisingly simple when I put them in buckets - self, health, relationships and interests. So, here we go!

  1. Write more than I did in 2023 - target 365 posts
  2. Read one book in a month - target 12 books
  3. Publish one short story
  4. Find a medium that helps me be social on the web
  5. Find a place for music in my life again
  6. Make a journal entry at least once a week
  7. Keep stories on my website updated with one new photo every week
  8. Go on a date with my wife once a month
  9. Go on a play date with my daughter once a month
  10. Family dinner with my wife and daughter once a month
  11. Take one picture of my daughter and one of me & my wife every week
  12. Meet my two friends circle once a month
  13. Inspire interest in Curious Bee to create again
  14. Find and connect with people whose ideas resonate with me
  15. Improve physical fitness by walking 5 days a week
  16. Improve mental fitness by meditating 5 days a week
  17. Do Pranayama and Surya Namaskar at least 2 times a week
  18. Take care of my face
  19. Achieve better work-life balance, minimize life during work
  20. Learn to cook roti
  21. Visit a cafe alone once a month
  22. Speak up my mind, even if it disappoints others
  23. Learn to use the calendar to structure day and week
  24. Learn to use my smartphone better for reading and writing

I accept it’s slightly late to publish such a list. But I have already been working on a few of these. Plus, it’s better late than never.