I have enjoyed writing at Scribbles recently – you can follow these posts through the RSS feed. The simplicity of the posting workflow has me hooked. The biggest draw for me is that I can easily begin a draft and expand it with more thoughts across multiple sittings. It’s a lot more frictionless than what I have found anywhere recently. The interface suits the kind of posts I am inclined to write these days - blogging regularly about life and writing.

I am sure the platform won’t work for all. There’s no support for theming. No automatic cross-posting. No markdown. Micro posts don’t sit well on the platform, either. For all that, there’s no better platform than Micro.blog. Scribbles, on the other hand, strips the blogging to the bare. To what matters: writing blog posts. And for that, the platform does enough.

So, keep an eye on Scribbles. It will launch soon to be available for sign-ups.