Just personifying the randomness, i thought of few answers to some trifling questions. I know these are the answers unquestioned, but my mind said, at least for me, these are questions unanswered too.

1) Greenview, a hospital in Jakassandra area, was named so because of the view a person sees when he peeps out of a window, irrespective of the side he is on. In the front, a dark green gutter with water bubbling and scenting its way forward, welcomes him. Behind he sees a rock solid demented garbage. Numerous occasions has BMC tried to move it, but thanks to its insane determination, the garbage continues to zero all the BMC's efforts. Either sides provide a deserted plot, green as they are, all credit to the numerous organisms decomposing 'em off. So thanks to the hospital management's endeavors, patients have something to green about. Finally, thats what he requires the most.

2) A shop-keeper on Hosur road has his shop named *7%^& (this is something in Kannada, so couldn't understand that. A humble call, not to be misinterpreted with its usual meaning :D) Tnasportions. I feel, he just wanted to make it clear what his shop was about. Because he felt not everyone can make sense of something in Kannada. But English, boss its a universal language. I am still waiting to see it unclosed one day. Curious as i am about his work.

3) Auto and truck drivers are really eager to know how a person following him looks; does he deserve following him or not. So a simple solution they found was to write "Stop" at their bum. Now, dignified persons as they are, they face a problem. After all, who likes others staring at their posterior. So what they do is just add an "OK" tag to tell, "Enough gazing my rear boss."

Enough answering unquestioned questions. There are few more answers waiting to burst out of my mind. But as of now, I am busy slanting my mind to digest these first.