Time: 6:55 am Venue: Koramangala Bus Stop

It was a silent morning one can often confront in Bangalore, just before it bursts into its raw-dusty look. For me though, the silentness was pouring further dubiety in my already crowded mind. Crowded indeed it was, with anxiety n excitement n tons of questions. About to emerge was my first day in employee world; another significant turn in my life. And then there was that sudden roar. Silentness just boomed. In the park behind were few ages' bubbling with laughter, leaping and clinging each other, everyone trying his best to outdo everyone else. I could see dawn getting outrageous, looking at its lost soundlessness; like a gritty kid who has been denied a toy. Stood in front of me, a laughter club. Frankly speaking, i did find the whole raga rather funny. Each person trying to trouble oneself and catch one's breath. But little did i know what they were trying, was to change the world.

The incident rose before me just a few days back when i learnt that as i was yawning in my bed at "not-so-dawny" time, there were few people who were celebrating a "World Laughter Day" on 6th May. Thought why not know something about this chapter in "blah blah Day's" Saga. What i found were many views on how laughter scientifically, spiritually, socially can make a person, and thus the world around him, better. Each view was clear enough to subscribe one to the thoughts.

A question may arise why this sudden gyan on laughter. Even i don't know the answer. But one thing needs to be marked. Do laugh off some part of your day. In fact, there is something happening deep inside you; fighting to make you better. And there are few who do believe you are thus adding to the world peace. So don't wonder if you face a bang on first Sunday of May. Just note its those few talking a universal language. Over-ambitiously!!!

Anyways, follows a nice song "Sadho Re" by band Agnee (First Jal, Then Raeth and now this one. I feel Yavu is on its way). A striking song with beautiful lyrics. Why i place it here? I would say it speaks out today's world's unrest; which makes this peace-talk further important.