A drowsy Friday afternoon. One sits at his desk, gazing at his clock arms strolling round its face. Just when he is completely down; about to dream his imaginations, a sudden buzz of "Hi" rises at the south-east end of his desktop. A smile props up at his face thinking 'Thanks buddy for a bit of relief'. And suddenly something happens and he, the savior, is gone with his work done. You sit there stunned, trying to grasp what really stormed out. But plain abortive attempts! Incidents like these have happened with me many times now. Just another similar incident and i thought there is an exigent need to decrypt what the incoming messages really mean. So here i am penning down meanings of just a few abrupt messages which i have been decoding for quite sometime now ...

HI (all caps) - "Look here u idiot... am too busy unlike u"
hi - "am bored like hell ... and its a command u should talk to me. Anyways everyone knows how much work you do .... lol!!!"
hi ... rut or u there- "reply soon u dumb... am in hurry and have some important work for you"
what's up or kya chal raha hain - "i am least interested in what you reply, but for formality. and even i know your answer is going to be the same ... 'am fine' "
thankxx - "am done with my work .... don't expect any more messages after this"
uhhhh - "go to hell"
hhahha - "buddy i have to run ... ok ok .. that was good ... stop it for haven's sake now"
hmmmm - "my mind's empty now boss ... have nothing sensible to say.. "
ok ok bye - "thats the last statement from me dude. nothing here after; even if u keep shouting your stomach out"
abe sun %$%^* - usual entry statement by a member of RandomBots

These are just a few messages which i was somehow able to demystify. May be not always do they convey the same meaning as stated. But then it goes for any decoded stuff boss. It's meaning is not always what it is decoded as. However, there are many others which are enthusiastically popping to get naked. But they just keep fluctuating there meanings even more often than Sachin Tendulkar's form. I am working part-time to decrypt those. Truly speaking, without really getting paid. Or am I? ;)