• "Following slide talks about the XYZ. As Some Dude defined, XYZ is blah blah blah, more blah blah blah. This blah blah further blah blah blahs.... "
  • "As the figure shows, the blah grows over time making it correlate with some blah .. so that ..."
Just a sec. Look at the listener boss. He is a mere dozing reader enthralled completely into what the slide pukes at him. Numerous occasions throughout my student as well as professional life, have I confronted such expressions myself. On several other occasions, i made others to peep that expression at me. Yes indeed powerpoint slides are the presenters buddy. But there is a way how powerpoints slides are not to be made and if they are, be ready for a fun ride with a very few drooling listeners who are either unluckily close enough to you or not in enough senses to flee as remainders did.

Watch the following hilarious video "Life After Death by PowerPoint" by "Don McMillan" and one gigglingly gets into the groove of what not to do in powerpoints.

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