Been on watch for something interesting. And there came two strolling down. Its like asking for Halle and earning Serena and Venus together. But anyways as i have got them now, let me show some respect to both.

So crawling round the web I came across two interesting stories. Everything has to do with the mind blogging and ever growing globally warmed issue(/fiasco??) of global warming. I feel scientist are too bored to pull out new points to discuss when everything has really been cut open. There are few great "humanophobic"s who really are after the human race to end themselves, so that there future generations can live long in peace (Quite weird huh. Where the heck will future generation fall from? As far as my knowledge goes, technology there with Souls hasn't reached the height to pull out humans from themselves. Or has it? Don't think so). While there are other mankind lovers who just believe that we, the humans, can never trouble others (pretty optimistic boss). So there go the stories possibly scripted by these mankind maniacs.

Let us look at the first one. Its about the failed interstate bridge over the Mississippi River. The inspectors believe that pigeons played a tantamount role in bringing it down along with heavy traffic, missing bolts and cracking steel. It seems these fatty pigeons out there in Mississippi go on and on shitting along the bridge, that too without wearing diapers, thinking it to be the government provided pigeon-open latrines. And its this dung that corroded the bridge and made it weaker killing tens. Chances are that this dung will kill many others at different locations. So its the pigeons who torture and trouble others and not the human. Man-kind maniacs score one. Catch the story here:
The second story directly hits the bulls eye at global warming. Some scientists believe now that cows may act as the protagonists in the global warming saga. (Dude, are you bored with humans now. Or are you trying to cash on the fact that there are no scientists or bloggers in cow fraternity?) It is believed that as a cow burps, she throws out the methane gas, a powerful greenhouse agent (this name always makes me jump in my seat. Those bloody gases have got quite interesting name. Lucky them!!!). Have a look at the story:
If you go through the report closely, there is one thing that will amaze every sensible man. And it is present in any report these days. Look at the height of depth (crazy isn't it???) the statistics go. 100 gallons of methane per cow per day and so on. Am really skeptic as to how they dig this data out. I mean, dude, 1 burp each 40 seconds? Uhhh give me a break.

Anyways these stories may seem rather amusing and ludicrous. But they can affect the lives of these two cow-pigeon fraternity. Think how would be the environment out there among these poor buddies. And as i become a bit time-filled brat again, i surely will.

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