Been "off-post" for quite a long time now. Spent some heavily burdensome days for the last month or so. Really felt it was like a CD crash at a perfect and best scene you have been drooling for. Anyways a nice break at home and am back to normal. Hopefully there are no crashes so forth.

This post is warm-up swing. Had lots of ideas bubbling around, but just couldn't manage to pen them down. Wish i had the Dumbledore's random magical pensive so that i could just stroll down the memory lane and pick up the thought pebbles (though truly speaking i couldn't visualized that silvery stuff as something from brain. Ya, my nose did give a jerk on its reference). So back to the post from my slippery (!!!) thoughts, following is my attempt to bring out how indeed the independence day holiday is celebrated. My degree of independence on the day was surely not one to be rejoiced. That pain was enough to bring out this abnormal print out.

P.S.: I know this damn is not readable, virtually i mean. Just click it to zoom in. Hope it gets readable, not just virtually :D