Sometimes few news stories do make me go mad. Some call them weird, some call them funny, some call them odd or even feverish at times, but for me, they make least sense with any tag you tie them with. But, however brainless it may sound, i am always on hunt for such stories at various loci (and as a result of that, i have this collection of all such hotspots). Blame it to my idiotic hobby of running random or to my faithful affection for going mad, i do look out for a chance, chance to turn mad.
Here's one such recent story. It seems that researchers have found out some weird frog with no lungs. No, I have no problem with them churning out so wondrous a finding. What my juvenile mind never understood was how these men of brain flooded with boundless wit carry out such humongous tasks. What was it that they have in them that any normal person didn't? And then this story rose, like a sage would from foggy nothingness, to content my ignorance.

But before moving straight to the answer, let me take you through the line of thoughts my mutable mind followed along. A plain look at the title and it made me think ‘Damn!! How on earth did they find that? Were they running around, scissors in hand, chopping each and every frog they cross, looking for their bloody bellies (pun intended) for any abnormalities in them? And what did they think of as an answer they would provided to all those normal, but with a robbed sac like belly, frogs? Would a “Hey sorry mate! We are searching for your deviant buddy. By the way, do contact a doc soon.” do? Nah it won’t. How can they be so irresponsible towards the nature. They indeed are answerable to the frog fraternity.’ Now i don’t think this path is too abnormal. Any sensible one would have thought on the same lines. I felt mighty of myself for being so empathetic and felt that this needed to be blogged. But that feeling wasn’t there to last for long.

As i strolled through the story, the reality came into picture. The answer for “what was it that they have” earlier arose. It takes loads of patience, time and prolonged interest for hitting something so uninteresting and so “evolutionarily unique”, as they call it, head-on. How else can you explain the fact that when the friends of this enlightened scientists were busy lurking behind the materialistic pleasures, his majesty was busy searching for this mighty frog community, one of whose member he saw when he was 30 years younger. It required a mind full of unsatisfiable quests and determination not to find solution. How else would you explain the fact that once he did find one of them, he continued his quest to find 8 of their kinds and tore their lungless tummies apart before going “EUREKA”. I thought this answer that i mined was ‘pen’able and again felt that this needed to be blogged.

I wish this was enough. But they went on to explain how their closest relatives had lungs and what that really means. Finally they didn’t even forget to connect this with manly attempts to ruin the mother earth and a need to stop doing the same. Also a call at the end to protect earth from facing this “huge impact”.

Now all this was enough to make me feel that this needed to be blogged. And hence this attempt. Anyways now their’s some other line my thoughts are following. It is after i saw few similar titles that read “Man charged with theft left his son”, “Robber left name on job application” and “Suspect took cab to and from the bank he robbed”. Let me know your line of thought. I will post mine soon. Think… Think… Think…