Finally I planned to blog today. I had been dropping quite a few shitty n weird ideas over notepad's bald head. But all thanks to my random weirdness, i flew far away from the thought lane and settled spending my complete time over choosing a blog template. Surprisingly, the decision to change the template was not a result of spontaneous wave of randomness. Rather it was with a thought that a simple and neat theme may load faster. (Not that i wanted not to loose the readers. What i wanted was not to make my readers loose there precious time pondering over what will load in.)

So all the ideas still remain spread over notepad. From the day IPL has started, i have found no time for 'nothing'. And as i could never do nothing, i could find no time for anything but IPL. Hence i wish IPL ends soon so that i can get back to my state of nothingness in the evenings. Then i would have ample time for doing 'nothing' so that i would be able to do many things.

I know this post is of no sense at all. Still it does bring in an interesting thought to ponder over:

No time for 'nothing' means no time for anything