The title does sound, atleast for me, a bit self-boasting one. I dunno about others for whom ‘being mysterious’ may quite well turn out to be ‘yuck’ish. (I know even my use of words sometimes is mysterious. You would surely have, if you have roamed round this blogosphere enough, come across many.)

Anyway mysteries has always kept on the edge of my seat. I have cherished even the worst of the mystery movies ever made. I even have a darn respect (!!!) for the makers of few of the movies, whose reason for existence itself was a mystery. Same goes for books or for TV shows. But more than anything else, what turn me on are the mysterious real life experiences. I have spend lots of my network bandwidth digging through the news stories about however foolish but mysterious incidences that happen around us. And it was this interest of mine that led to the existence of another blog of mine. Realm of Mysteries

Along the journey there, I will keep on jotting few mysteries i, over the net, bump into. The stories may not be fully inclusive of all details as I have no intention to ‘wikipedia’ize the blog. Though they surely will provide required links for fully understanding them.

Let the journey begin …