"I start reading something" ... "I need to blog this" ... "Wasn't the other topic better?" ... "Okay stop. Let me read this out first" .. "Am done; I need to blog this" ... "I will blog this" ... "Let me get the topic open" ...  "Yeahh... my N93" ... "Oh blog;  .. theme ... no..  blog .. title .. wait ..post ... " .. "Where the heck was I???? "

Ok so this is how my thought train has been when i thought i will write this post. And lemme say, this just acts as the 'POF' (Proof of Fact) for what i will be writing now. Let us get on the same platform first. This post (Will you please not follow the links directly and loose this topic..Thanks) was inspired partly by this and this. I hope you are still there with me. Because if you were not for some significant amount of time, thats what this post is all about. Reducing concentration levels... POF you see ...

I am pretty sure most of the so-called experienced internet surfers would have reached at this point far late than they would normally have. Because i have become one of those and i damn know that he would atleast have done few of following:

  1. Google for some random text (Default)
  2. Peeped into GTalk friends list
  3. Checked whether have received any new mail
  4. Checked if all social friends are up and running
  5. Followed into void via atleast 3 Links
  6. If yes for 3, Gave a thought and made a point for each one of them
  7. Oh ya .. paid some bill
  8. Rejected atleast a single credit card offer
  9. And oh ya .. worked :P

I guess the list would build on n on. Anyways the point is surely you wouldn't have, if you have become one of us, read till now at a single strech. (I would really like to know what you indeed did. Put in the comments section. Hold on... Read completely first)

Ok i won't try and find the reasons for why this is happening because that is not going to help me understand any damn thing. Let that job be left for some XYZ research group of companies. What i would actually try is provide some ways i can become a normal being from a 'skull-headed vaccum with rags of information' which am now. Let me start listing them down.

  • Update Google searh bar: I feel google can hugely impact a large sector of us concentration loosers. If only they ask for some not-so-privacy-threatning but self-embarrassing queries before returing the result. Lets say, "For how much hours have you worked today".
  • Redesign Operating Systems: Huge step i know. The one i would design is, i would say, mainly a build over on MS Vista. Ok , so you want switch program? Start. "Do you really want to open ...? Yes/No", "Enter your Password ******", "Please re-enter the password ******", "Thank You! Please select the program you want to open. Enter the number in from of the selection", "Enter the text in captcha", "Thank you! Click Finish to open the program" and finally "Your request to open ____ has been successfully served. OK/Back" I am damn sure this will majorly kill the frequent ALT+TAB s
  • Introduce Sticky Books: Ok what if i want am not the comp junkie and still cherish the hardcopies? How can i be glued to the plot in the book? Fine. We will manually and physically do that for you. The books will be fitted with microprocessors programmed for secreting glues for defined time period which would be not less than 1 hour. You see. Its that simple.
  • Rename weekdays: Ok so point is inject a standard work schedule through out the human fraternity. Lets make each focus on a particular kind of job on the specified day. I would suggest let the week names be Funday (random fun), Moneyday(Money Matters), Teamday(Social Team Building), Workday (I know .. Boring Day), Surfday(Random Internet Surfing), Reworkday(Yeah .. 2 of them. Afterall thats what one is paid for) and Saturday (!!!!)

I know these options do sound rather ludicrous and more apparent changes like stop building multiprocessing processors or build 'one system one application' OSes might sound sensible. But then it is a "Build dam for water leaks" kinda solution. Anyways that's my foolish take on this not-so-foolish topic. Comment in your solutions, however foolish they may sound. Remember, there are many like you around you...

Finally must say I have always been a workaholic enthusiast ... What remains now is just an -aholic enthusiast surfing endlessly in void.

PS: If you have read this post in a single strech, i am damn sure you have just crumbled into wrong space. Click the back arrow button at the top-left corner of this window.

Update: Another interesting take on the same line. I am stupid and the Internet made me so