If you write a blog and are interested in conversing with your readers, do include a link for the reader to do so right below your every post. I would love it if every blog post had a way for me to respond. A comment form. An email address for me to mail the writer at. Or even a link to the social media where the post is syndicated. Basically, redirect me, the reader, to any place where the conservation is taking place. I can, of course, theorise why most people have stopped doing that.

First, the spam industry has dampened one of the promises of the internet — having open connections with people on the web. We are afraid now that we will be bombarded by comments and messages that we have no interest in sifting through. Second, most blogging platforms have stopped providing an easy way to enable conversations, which came built-in with WordPress and others. It’s an added decision (and even a cost in some cases) for the writer to provide such an option to its reader. A trouble that many folks just don’t want to sign up for.

I wish that wasn’t the case. My conversations with people around the words I write have been an essential aspect of my blogging for the past many years. If you haven’t tried that, or you did but aren’t doing it actively anymore, give it a chance again.

You take the trouble so that your user doesn’t have to.