Another thing that works in’s favour is that I can hardly change anything with how things look. Theming that is possible is bare. Customization in the way things work is minimum. This will ensure I don’t get too distracted by anything that’s not words, the #meta stuff.

Of course, there is a risk of me getting frustrated with the loss of control. Well, there’s for that which I am not getting rid of any time soon. The platform is too valuable and near perfect not to keep as primary.

Haven’t I gone through a similar fascination with Svbtle? I wrote a lot there for a while but eventually got frustrated with how restricting it felt. So why’s any different? Well, for one, it allows publishing a titleless post. Second, the interface to post is minimal, with very little to configure. Svbtle felt bloated in that regard.

So where does this leave me? Well, I have started a 14-days trial with I want to try it to the fullest and see if and how well I use it. Is this just a fad?