A blog, for me, is a space for unformed thoughts. This is that place. And, Hey 👋 I’m Amit Gawande.


I recently realized I do not enjoy updating my primary abode on the internet, my website hosted elsewhere. I realized I don’t gravitate to the posting page, so I write less. Some might say I don’t write much because I don’t want to. Never blame the tools and like that. But then I open the editor here at write.as, and the place feels welcoming — with its blinking cursor waiting for my unformed thoughts. I start writing, and before I know it, I have a few thoughts jotted down.

So, I wanted to bring some unstructuredness to my blogging. No fixed pattern, no predefined topics, and no forced post lengths. Just write.


I write quick posts journaling whatever is at the top of my mind. The posts have no throughline, nor can you expect any structure limitation. They are a brain dump to relieve me of the thoughts crowding my mind. I am currently posting pretty regularly, with at least one post daily. But I am also not putting any pressure on myself to stick to a schedule.

I enjoy writing here. So I do not expect me to write short notes or quips. I may do that at microblogging-focused platforms. I also do not expect to write long-form, thoughtful essays or detailed guides.

The words I enjoy writing the most are in-the-moment unpretentious thoughts. Usually, in around 200-250 words. That I foresee myself publishing with this space.


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