I started working on a side project today that I know, deep down, I do not have time or energy for. Yet, I began because I wanted hard not to change too many things with my writing process. But I am not happy with how things are set up today. It’s the same old battle.

I get bored with the setup I have. I find faults. And Micro.blog, my primary hosting platform, doesn’t want to fix the editor. I don’t gravitate to the posting page, so I write less. This platform needs a good editor (at least I am), and I wanted to attempt to build one. A couple of hours down the rabbit hole, I know I don’t want to do that. There’s a reason why I stopped hosting my blogging engines. It requires attention that my life cannot afford.

Some might say I don’t write much because I don’t want to. Never blame the tools and like that. But then I open the editor here at write.as, and the place feels welcoming – with its blinking cursor waiting for my thoughts, unformed as they may be. I start writing, and before I know it, I have a few thoughts jotted down. Sure, often they are #meta thoughts, as of now.

But that’s blogging to me. No fixed pattern, no predefined topics, and no forced post lengths. So the editor need not be so bare that I lose interest. It also need not be so polished that I feel burdened. This place looks to have got the balance right.