I wish every blog post had a footer with easy ways to respond, preferably via email. The early days of blogging were simple, with a plain comments section. All one had to do was add details about themselves and comment. Spam ruined the simplicity, and accounts were required to be created just to add a comment.

I yearn for those simpler days. I recently added a way to comment below my posts, powered by Commento. The simplicity of this system does have a price associated with it. But I want to keep that option around since I stopped syndicating posts to the social timelines.

Plus, the readers can always respond via email. I am relieved to see responses received through both of these mediums.

At the same time, it pains me when I open a blog post looking for a way to respond, and I can’t find any. Even if there is one, it is generally via some social network, which I am not keen to participate in. Please have a link to respond via email. Someday, you will receive a thoughtful response that will warm your heart.

Interactions are beautiful. Try them!