"Howdy"!!! ... Thats how i was welcomed to the Wordpress' blogosphere. Frankly speaking, i got little freaked. Buddy, why this 'too-dudishness' ? Anyways, this blog of mine was more due to my urge to try out new options for what i already own (however, the urge doesn't show up for each thing i own). Backing to track, let blogger's eyes view wordpress....


 Yes, wordpress looks, or rather, is more organized than blogger. Nice options to manage one's space. Vision smoothening look. No Doubt, Ajax has worked hard to dress it up so well. Nice presentation choices including few elegant templates and useful widgets. Facility to create more than one pages. I did find this option interesting for it allows one to virtually transfer the blog into his website. Import and Export of posts and widgets. One's own uploading space. And last but not the least, a complete stat-pack providing all the required information about the reader and feed traffic on the blog. Yes, no need for all the foolish external widgets for tracking. Wish google understands this need of a blogger.


But wait .... Hey, a bad editor and worst saving option. Am writing this part again when i already did it. Thanks to a you, Mr editor. Further, i feel these options are too many to for a novice to get hold of. And again, google scores where it always does. User Friendliness. Google knows what i want and where i want that. No wonder, blogging starts with Blogger. To illustrate, a user has to struggle here just to get his image inlined in his post. The reason why am writing this again with some weirdly placed images. Cudn't find any? Yeah i removed them for the weirdness they were incorporating in the post.


To pack up, wordpress is a beautiful and elegantly designed blogger tool. But blogging is not as easy as compared to Blogger. Anyways, wish to put this space of mine to some use. Currently surfing my mind to reasonify this blog!!!