Shave and bath sensibly? Walking even though you own a car? Use Recycle Bags? Switch to a small cars from SUV's?

I have heard all these things a zillion times now. After all, the only answer my mind shouted was "Buddy, how does that matter. World's not worried, let me be imperturbable on this too." But then thought there are tons of other things i do perfunctory. To what extent does my following these things going to affect me. Not much really. So ... Anyways what is this carbon footprint and why the damn i should care? Why Singapore is looked after as a place following well thought solutions? IBN does try and provide answers for these.

Indeed what the video tries to convey does seem quite convincing. But just when I was about to bend my mind to digest this all, I was struck with a thought. I wondered are we, the humans, only protagonists in the so called global warming saga? Does CO2 emission by human have a significant threat to our environment? Is there any such global warming threat being seen? Are predictions of climate change perfect and not a mere prejudice? Is it proved by experts that we are causing global warming? Is global warming really that bad? Will the money-gulping efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions really stop climate from changing? Further, aren't they just bursting the state's budget? Rather, shouldn't money be flowing towards perennial and pernicious threats? An article published in heartlander does try and provide an answer to these all. What it concludes is to follow the call to the common sense and just put this "Global Warming" Scam to end.

Further the movie below tries and put this whole saga under the name "a vested political interest creating panic" to turn more money towards climate science. CO2 indeed has very little to do with the climate change. I do feel even this view of scientists at other side of this scam needs to be looked at before we go and follow the call for morality.

Then what is the path for me to follow? At the end, I find just trapped in yet another polemic. Unable to figure out, which way to lead myself!!!